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Astroflame design and manufacture high performance Passive Fire Protection Products to protect life and property around the globe.

Our Passive Fire Protection Products form a vital and paramount part of a building's infrastructure helping to defend property against the spread of fire and restrict the passage of smoke around the building giving people time to escape and reducing property damage.

Established in 1994 Astroflame has 25 years' experience in the Passive Fire Products market.

Astroflame Intumescent X Series Fire Pillows

Astroflame X-Series Fire Pillows are designed to provide an effective fire barrier, on a temporary o...

Astroflame Intumescent Acoustic Downlight Cover

Ceilings are important fire barriers, but once a hole has been cut in them to allow the fitting of a...

Astroflame Intumescent Fire Seals with Single Blade

Intumescent fire and smoke seals for fire door assemblies. An intumescent graphite based fireseal co...

Astroflame Fire Rated Telescopic Letterbox

The Astroflame telescopic letter box system range is specially designed to increase the safety, comf...

Astroflame Intumescent Glazing Tape

Astroflme - A flexible self adhesive polymer based extruded intumescent material suitable for sealin...

RRP £13.99
Astroflame Luminaire Cover

Astroflame -Recessed luminaires or modular light fittings are widely used in commercial buildings. E...

Astroflame Fire Rated Loft Cone

Astroflame-Recessed downlights are a common feature in many homes, however they also represent a pot...

Astroflame Fire Rated Acoustic Foam

A one component foam which expands to fill and seal gaps. Note: This product is fire rated but is no...

 Astroflame Fire Resistant Mortar

A one part synthetic mortar which when mixed with water produces a trowelable or pourable compound s...

Astroflame High Pressure Expansion Sealant

Astroflame HPE Sealant is a high pressure exerting, graphite based, intumescent sealant that expands...

Astroflame Intumescent Acoustic Mastic

A one part intumescent acrylic mastic for sealing gaps around fire doors, window frames and for seal...

Astroflame Fire & Acoustic Internal Socket Box Insert

Astroflame Socket Box Inserts are used to restore the fire rating of a wall otherwise compromised by...

Astroflame Air Transfer Face Plates

Astroflame Face Plate Series presents a Mild Steel Louvered Grilles designed to satisfy all types of...

Astroflame Intumescent Fire Grilles

Astroflame A durable ventilation grille which is easily mounted in doors & walls, and can provide in...

Astroflame Duct Sleeve Low Profile

The ASTROflame range of Astro DS duct sleeves are intended for use where a ventilation duct passes t...

Astroflame CE Marked Pipe Wrap

Astro X Series CE Pipe Wrap are designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing...

Astroflame X Series CE Pipe Collar

Astroflame X Series CE Pipe Collars maintain firewall integrity, using thermoplastic composites base...

Astroflame Cavity Fire Barrier Roll

Astroflame- Cavities are created in many wall constructions to aid thermal insulation performance an...

Astroflame Fire Rated Cladding Seals

Astroflame rainscreen and cladding systems are designed with an open cavity to provide back ventilat...

AstroFlame Intumescent Fire Seals With Brush

Intumescent fire and smoke seals for fire door assemblies. An intumescent graphite based fireseal co...

AstroFlame Intumescent Fire Seal

Intumescent fire seals for fire door assemblies. An intumescent graphite based fireseal contained wi...

Astroflame Intumescent Fire Seals with Twin Blade

Intumescent fire and smoke seals for fire door assemblies. An intumescent graphite based fireseal co...

Astroflame Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeve

A thermal pipe sleeve is an economical solution to retaining fire integrity when passing pipework th...

Astroflame Intumescent Glazing Channel

U Channel for 6mm glass.Cost effective, easily installed dry glazing gasket for use in fire doors us...

AstroFlame Transparent Finger Guard

The Transparent Finger Guard is easy to install and prevents décor clashes as well as finger injuri...

Astroflame Fire Resistant Batt

Constructed from a mineral fibre core coated on both sides with Astroflame mastic, the Astroflame fi...

RRP £24.84
76mm Fire Door Disc

Regulation requires that fire doors are kept closed to avoid the spread of flames and smoke in case ...

100x76mm Fire Rated Hinges

100x76mm fire rated Hinges c/w screwsBSEN1935 fire tested for both 30 & 60 minute doorsGrade 13Satin...

400mm x 150mm Photoluminescent Fire Exit Sign

Rigid plastic fire exit signs assist in the identification of the escape route, helping to lead peop...

Self-Closing Fire Door Hinges

These self-closing fire door hinges are fitted just like normal hinges but contain a special mechani...

Geze Silver Universal Overhead Door Closer

Door closer  with link arm for doors with up to 1400 to 1600 mm leaf widthsClosing force, infinitel...

Dorgard Battery Operated Door Holder – wireless

The Dorgard is a safe and legal solution that allows you to hold your fire doors open safely, while ...

Astroflame Intumescent CE Pipe Wrap UL 25m

Astro X Series CE Pipe Wrap UL is designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containi...

Astroflame Intumescent Fire Trunking Sleeve

The Astroflame range of Astro FT Fire Trunking Sleeves are intended for use where plastic trunking p...

Astroflame Intumescent Cable Tray Sleeve

The intumescent trunking sleeve from Astroflame is suitable for penetrations through a wide range of...

Astroflame 4hr Intumescent Pipe Collars

Astroflame intumescent pipe collars are designed to seal PVC pipes in the event of a fire (can also ...

RRP £12.99
Astroflame Putty

Astroflame fire putty is a solvent free, easy to use, non-setting fire resistant compound, which is ...

Astroflame Single fire door pack

A graphite based intumescent material to upgrade fire door furniture weak points.Supplied in sheet o...

Astro FR Door Viewer

The Astroflame Fire Rated Door Viewer is suitable for standard size thicknesses of 35mm - 55mm and i...

Astroflame Putty Pads

Descriptions:FR Putty Pads are an easy to apply fire and sound rated sealant supplied as a non-setti...

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