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Astroflame Fire Rated Cladding Seals

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Product Description

Astroflame rainscreen and cladding systems are designed with an open cavity to provide back ventilation. The cavity acts like an open chimney to allow for moisture dissipation and to create a back pressure to repel rain ingress. However in a fire situation this chimney effect creates an open path for the hidden spread of fire both vertically and horizontally behind the cladding system. The Astroflame range of fire rated cladding seals will maintain the ventilated cavity in normal conditions, leaving a continuous free air space, but in the event of a fire, the intumescent ventilated fire barrier will quickly expand to seal off the cavity to prevent the spread of fire.

Ventilated Fire Barriers for Cavities 15mm – 50mm

Many timber framed structures require a continuous ventilated to be maintained to dissipate moisture and prevent damp problems. The Astroflame ventilated fire barriers have been tested in combustible timber constructions and can maintain the minimum 30 minute rating whilst allowing continuous ventilation in normal conditions.

Product Performance

Tested to BS 476 Part 20 : BS EN 1363-1

to the principles of EOTA TR31

Horizontal or Vertical use

Creates a fire barrier within rain screen cladding

Improves cladding performance 30-120 minutes rating

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