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Nullifire S707 Water-Based Intumescent Basecoat

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S707-60HF Intumescent Basecoat is a white thin film intumescent coating for the fire protection of internal structural steelwork.

S707-60HF provides effective structural fire protection, for steelwork, from 30 minutes up to a 90 minute fire rating.

S707-60  is a water based intumescent coating designed for steelwork such as beams and columns. 

What is meant by HP/A / A/V? HP/A is generally used with British Testing and A/V in European.  The principle is the same.

The thickness of this intumescent coating is dependent on the steel section used. For calculation of DFT (dry film thickness) a factor called HP/A (heated perimeter divided by cross sectional area) is used. Intumescent coatings are applied as an intermediate coat in a coating system (primer, intermediate and top/finish coat).  S707 is designed for use in internal environments but can also be used externally provide is not exposed to water ingress.  A suitable topseal must be applied to the intumescent (once dry) if used external.

The rate increase in temperature of a steel cross-section is determined by the ratio of the heated surface area (A) to the Volume (V).  This ratio A/V, has units of m-1 and is known as the “Section Factor”.  Members with low Section Factors will heat up more slowly.  A steel section with a large surface area (A) will receive more heat than one with a smaller surface area.  Also, the greater the volume (V) of the section, the greater is the heat sink.  Therefore a small thick section will be slower to increase in temperature than a large thin one.  The Section Factor (A/V or HP/A) is thus a measure of the rate at which a section will heat up in a fire.  The higher the value of the Section Factor the greater will be the protection thickness required.

Water based intumescent coating suitable for internal use on structural steelwork engineered for 60 minute fire resistance

Can provide 90 minute fire protection in some applications

Market leading product with a long history of successful applications

Compatible with a full range of Nullifire primers and top seals

Very low VOC

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