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Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment

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  • Each 5L will treat 18.5m² and 20L 74m² (If applying to Cedar woods coverage reduces to 13.5m² per 5L and 54m² per 20L)
  • Protects internal & external timber to Euroclass B (BS Class 0)
  • Provides an almost invisible fire retardant treatment to the wood
  • Must be applied to bare timber ONLY.
  • Can be applied with a brush, roller, spray, dip or vacuum treatment.
  • A certificate application form is included with every purchase.
  • Tested and approved to various standards
  • Can be overcoated with certiain varnishes, stains and paints.

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Fire Retardant Treatment For Wood and Timber

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is a water based, clear solution that soaks into wood to leave the appearance of the timber virtually unchanged. Applied by brush, roller, spray, dip or vacuum method it achieves Euroclass B (BS Class 0) Fire Propagation and Spread of Flame fire protection on solid timbers. Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment can be used inside or out and the fire protection remains effective for the lifetime of the wood surface.

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment soaks into the woods surface, without leaving a clear glaze on top like a varnish. It then dries with virtually no evidence of the wood ever been treated, allowing you to keep the woods natural beauty. Zeroflame Treatment does not require over coating however it can be over coated for decoration and/or protection if desired (care should be taken that the fire retardant properties are not compromised).

Each tin has a certificate application form on the back of the label. To receive a 'Certificate of Supply' for your purchase, after application of the product, simply complete the form on the label and send to the stated address and a certificate will be returned to you within 7-10 working days.

  • BS EN 13823 & BS EN 11925-2 Single Burning Item Euroclass B-s1-d0 (s1: Smoke Production, d0: Flaming Droplets) (Equivalent to UK "Class 0" BS 476 Part 6/7)
  • NT 053 & NT 054 Accelerated weathering of fire retardant wood for fire testing.
  • Euroclass C (Equivalent to UK Class 1) for plywood.
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