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Rockwool Ablative Batt 50mm Pallet

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  • Lightweight and simple to install – by cutting the ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt to the size and shape required to fit the aperture and ensuring that the batt will make a tight fit with all edges of the aperture. Applying ROCKWOOL Acoustic Intumescent Sealant to all edges of the Batt will ensure that an even cover is achieved over the entire thickness of the Batt.
  • Excellent fire resistance from a single thickness batt - tests have proved the capability of a single 50mm Batt to provide up to 2 hours fire resistance integrity and insulation. Where 4 hours integrity and insulation is required, the use 60mm Ablative Coated Batt is recommended.
  • No maintenance required – a durable and long lasting insulation solution.
  • Tested for airtightness – also providing the critical benefits of a proven smoke and acoustic seal.
  • Environmental – as with all ROCKWOOL products, the Ablative Coated Batt is made from a renewable and plentiful naturally occurring resource. ROCKWOOL insulation saves fuel costs and energy in use and relies on trapped air for its thermal properties.

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Product Description

The ROCKWOOL 50mm Ablative Coated Batt is a mineral wool insulation product, pre- coated on both sides with a high performance ablative coating. It has been comprehensively tested as part of the ROCKWOOL FirePro range of fire protection products and can be installed across a variety of services and substrates including solid walls and floors, flexible walls, multi-service penetrations, the head of wall, blank seals and face fixed applications as well as large framed service voids. As fire resistant insulation, it is fire stopping offering up to 4 hours fire performance whilst also providing an excellent acoustic performance and importantly, preventing air leakage to maintain the building’s heat. FirePro Ablative Coated Batts are not intended for use as load-bearing seals. Where a load bearing seal is required, ROCKWOOL Firestop Compound should be considered.

Product Performance

BS EN 1366-3: 2009 and the dedicated fire resistance standard for linear joint seals / BS EN 1366-4:2006. Ablative Coated Batt has been classified in accordance with BS EN 13501-2. / Third party accreditation through IFC and Certifire. CE marked to ETAG 26-02

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