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Hensotherm 1KS Clear Intumescent for Interior Wood

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SKU: HC12kg

Clear Intumescent Varnish/Lacquer system consisting of Basecoat & Topcoat Hensotop AF84. Achieves BS13501 Class B

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Product Description

HENSOTHERM® 1 KS INNEN (Interior) transparent

This Product must be used with this top coat Hensotop 84 AF

HENSOTHERM® 1 KS INNEN (Interior)  for the fire protection of interior wood and timber based materials. This is a Premium quality Germany manufactured product.

Achieves BS EN13501 CLASS B  with a single coat of base and durable topcoat . A Low application rate of just 300 grams per square metre.

HENSOTHERM® 1 KS INNEN is used like a normal paint with a brush, roller or sprayer.
It has a milky consistency as it is being applied, but becomes completely clear/transparent when dry so that the surface structure of the wood remains visible. After thorough drying, the HENSOTOP 84 AF* colourless top coat must be applied to protect against moisture.

Product characteristics

Synthetic resin dispersionContains no solvents or formaldehydeSuitable for impact walls in sports hallsMoisture sensitive*Colour: the coating is transparent when completely dry
*When HENSOTHERM® 1 KS INNEN has dried (colourless, clear), it is imperative that the HENSOTOP 84 AF top coat is applied to protect against moistureThis product is the Active Flame retardant which must be over coated with Hensotop 84 AF.

Important: Please read and follow the technical data sheet instructions carefully.

Paying attention to working spread rate, working temperature & humidity.

Product Performance

Brand: Hensel

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