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Firefly Fire Curtains | Passive Fire Products

Published: 05/05/2021

FIREFLY™ is a range of world leading and fully certified passive fire protection products comprising lightweight, easy to install fire barriers with system ancillaries supported by state of the art fire stopping products. Used predominantly in the construction industry around the UK and Europe, FIREFLY™ Fire Barriers help to contain fire, giving the occupants of a building extra time to evacuate and the fire service to enter safely.

FIREFLY™ was the first certified flexible fire barrier system and remains the most recognised and respected brand in the business to this day. Fire barriers are used to compartmentalise building voids or concealed spaces to delay the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency. They are rated for integrity and insulation performance. TITAN Lite™ 120:60 is the highest performing fire barrier exceeding 2 hours integrity and 1 hour insulation performance (BS 476 parts 20/22).

The recent addition of firestopping products makes FIREFLY™ the number one supplier of passive fire protection products in the UK.

All FIREFLY™ passive fire protection products are fully certified and supported by an experienced team able to provide timely and practical support and training to ensure installations are problem-free, compliant with regulations and meet the increasingly demanding expectations of the market.

FIREFLY™ flexible fire barriers (also known as cavity barriers) are made with combinations of specialty woven and nonwoven glass substrates and aluminium foils. The range of barriers has been developed by TBA Protective Technologies, the leading UK producer of high-performance materials for thermal protection applications with a 150 year pedigree in technical textile manufacturing.

The range is designed to optimise resistance to flame & smoke, and provide heat protection in a wide range of scenarios

The TBA FIREFLY™ product range includes:

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Firefly Fire Curtains | Passive Fire Products
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