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Embracing the Benefits of FSi Stopseal LGS Linear Gap Seal

Published: 11/07/2023

In the realm of fire safety and construction, one innovation has proven its mettle time and time again: the Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal from FSi Limited. Combining modern technology with robust materials, the Stopseal® LGS delivers top-tier volume expansion and pressure sealing performance while restoring fire resistance in linear gap seals for wall and floor constructions.

1. Superior Fire Protection

At the forefront of its benefits, the Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal provides advanced fire resistance. This product contains intumescent thermoplastic with flame retardants and binders, significantly improving its fire-protection capabilities. This unique composition allows the seal to expand in volume under extreme heat, effectively closing gaps and preventing the spread of flames, thus significantly reducing the potential for fire damage.

2. High-Performance Sealing

Beyond fire resistance, the Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal offers robust sealing capabilities. It excels in pressure sealing, meaning it can effectively contain smoke and prevent it from spreading. This sealing performance isn't only crucial during fires; it also plays a key role in maintaining the overall air quality of a building.

3. Accommodation of Movement

The elastomeric, acoustic-rated foam used in Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal is specially designed to accommodate significant movement. This is a critical advantage, particularly in large structures and high-rise buildings where minor shifts and settling can occur over time. The seal remains effective despite these movements, thus maintaining its fire resistance and sealing qualities.

4. Dual Functionality

In addition to its fire and smoke protection capabilities, the Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal also offers acoustic benefits due to its elastomeric foam composition. This makes it an excellent solution for buildings where noise pollution, such as residential apartments, hotels, or offices, could be an issue.

In conclusion, the FSi Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal is a multifunctional tool designed to ensure superior fire protection, robust sealing, accommodation of structural movements, and effective noise reduction. It serves as a critical component in the construction industry, helping to safeguard structures against potential fire damage, enhance the living or working environment, and contribute to the overall safety and well-being of occupants.


Embracing the Benefits of FSi Stopseal LGS Linear Gap Seal
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