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Acoustic Fire hoods for Large Light Fittings

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Product Description

The Passive Fire Product, Envirograf tents for light fittings and air conditioning units are very lightweight, self-supporting and completely ventilated tent (FT) designed to avoid overheating of the light fitting. Cable entries are fitted at the top of the tent, with ease of installation. (With no extra supports, simple clip fixing, no mechanical screw fixing required). An acoustic tent is also available to attenuate airborne and impact sound (FT/AC). The acoustic type enables soundproofing without overheating of the light fitting. A version is available for air conditioning units (AIR) offering all the relevant passive fire prevention requirements and have been used extensively within retail and office locations across the UK.

Product Performance

This product underwent a number of fire resistance tests employing the general procedures and criteria of BS476 Part 22 and Part 23 Clause 5 (1987), achieving 88 minutes integrity. Acoustic version tested to comply with Document ‘E’. Also tested to NEN 6072 (1997)


Material Specification:

Woven Glass FabricThickness - 0.40mm Wt/m² - 430 g/m²Warp count - 1360 d'texFinish - Starch weave lock


Sponge properties

Physical form/appearance: Solid, voluminous material, more or less elastic.Colour: Varies according to manufacture.Specific gravity: 10-600 kg/m³Solubility in water: InsolubleOdour: None or mild odourFlash ignition point: Between 315ºc to 370ºcDecomposition temperature: Above 180ºcThermal energy: 28 000 KJ/kgStability and reactivity: The product is stable at temperatures between -40ºc and +12ºcAuto-ignition point: Between 370ºc to 427ºc (ASTM D 1929)

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