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Rockwool Intumescent Putty Pads

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ROCKWOOL Intumescent Putty Pads are manufactured from a non-setting, flexible silicone-based intumescent polymer that possesses a low smoke emission.

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Product Description

Should there be a fire, these Intumescent Putty Pads will activate at a temperature of 200°C where the pad will expand to fill the space left by burnt out socket boxes, creating a seal that will prevent the passage of fire and smoke.

Assured protection – ROCKWOOL Intumescent Putty Pads offer up to 2 hours fire resistance, ensuring protection against fire and smoke passage.Available in small quantities - manufactured in pre-cut shapes and can be bought in small quantities, which ensures a simple and cost-effective installation process.Service Life- these Intumescent Putty Pads have a long service life and require no additional maintenance once installed

Product Performance

ROCKWOOL Putty Pads provide an efficient and clean way to fulfil the requirements of current building regulations for noise transfer and fire stopping. Additionally, this product fully complies with BS476: Part 20 (1987) regulations.IFC Certified

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