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Aithon Concrete Fire Protection - AITHON A90 H Intumescent Coating for Concrete Structures

Published: 22/03/2019

Aithon A90H Overview 

AITHON A90H Concrete Passive Fire Protection Coating is a revolutionary concrete fire protection that creates a hard, reflective char with high insulation properties that has shown through vigorous testing excellent adhesion to the concrete substrates even after 4 hours of fire exposure above 1150°C.

This concrete fire paint is classified up to 240 minutes fire resistance according to EN 13381-3 (BRE Classification Report).‎ Aithon A90H is a water borne, very low VOC, environmentally friendly intumescent coating, classified on concrete, masonry and steelwork.‎

Up to R/REI 240 on slabs and load bearing walls

Up to 240 minutes fire resistance for concrete walls and slabs

 Up to 120 minutes fire resistance for concrete beams and columns

• Maximum dry film thickess: 1.05mm

• Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray equipment

• No need to move or remove electrical installations

• Water borne, low VOC paint product, suitable to enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces

• Suitable for damp environments and temperature below 0°C with no need to apply a top-coating

• Compatible with wide range of colour finishes


Manufacturer Overview 

The first British Standard assessment was achieved by Aithon Ricerche more than 25 ago.
It was 1990, and the assessment, issued by WFRC, regarded a thin film, water borne intumescent coating for steelwork that achieved 90 minutes.

In 2001 Aithon Ricerche decided to begin to work for itself, approaching the markets with the AITHON brand, quite unknown at that time. At the beginning the sales were concentrated in the home market, but the diffusion of the European Standards offered the opportunity to expand the business; the company became Aithon Ricerche International, much time have been spent in research of new intumescent systems and in the development of completely new products, and the results of the European tests were encouraging. We decided to focus on concrete and timber fire resistance, the fields where we are still investing more, and now the AITHON brand is present in a growing number of European countries.

Two Class leading product now are;

AITHON A90H Concrete Intumescent Paint 

Aithon PV33 Timber Coating 

Aithon A90 Steel Coating 



Aithon A90H Application

Given the importance and requirements for structural steel reports prior to any application of the Aithon A90H - Aithon Ricerche reserves the right to only permit it's certified and approved contractors to apply its concrete intumescent coating to establish absolute peace of mind in the application of the concrete fire protection coating to reduce the risk to both property and lives. In the UK, this fire stopping installer can be found here which is a leading passive fire protection contractor working across the UK.

Aithon Concrete Fire Protection - AITHON A90 H Intumescent Coating for Concrete Structures
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