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Your Complete Guide to Fire Compartmentation
Published: 23/11/2023
Fire is and continues to be one of the most dangerous threats to human life and property in general. Even though we as a civilisation have made numerous strides towards innovation,...
Passive Fire Protection Coatings Market Set to Soar Past USD 6 Billion by 2030
Published: 23/11/2023
The global Passive Fire Protection Coatings market size is expected to reach USD 6 billion by 2030 and exhibit a CAGR of 4% in the forecast period (2023−2030), according to Skyqu...
Published: 20/10/2023
Fire stopping expert to rebrand as FSi PromatLeading fire stopping specialist FSi is to rebrand their products as FSI Promat and, at the same time, become responsible for Promat’...
UK Fire Exit Signage Standard & Photoluminescent Now Available
Published: 20/09/2023
UK Fire Exit UK Fire Exit Signage Standard & Photoluminescent Now AvailableFire exit signs are a key element of health and safety in the workplace; if a fire or other emergency...
NEW TO RANGE - Fire Rated Access Panels
Published: 14/09/2023
New Product Range Now Live! Our range of FlipFix Access Panels include; 1 hour – 2 hour Fire Rated Metal Access Panels, Plasterboard Access Panels, Overbox & Riser Doors...
Embracing the Benefits of FSi Stopseal LGS Linear Gap Seal
Published: 11/07/2023
In the realm of fire safety and construction, one innovation has proven its mettle time and time again: the Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal from FSi Limited. Combining modern techno...
Concrete Protection Reinvented with Aithon A90H
Published: 08/06/2023
Concrete, though a robust and durable material, is not inherently fire-resistant. In fact, under high temperatures, concrete can spall and lose its structural integrity, leading to...
Unveiling the Protective Power of Envirograf Air Conditioning Fire Cover
Published: 08/06/2023
Air conditioning systems are essential in maintaining a comfortable environment in various structures. However, these systems can potentially act as a conduit for fire to spread qu...
Jotun Conseal TU: A High-Performance Protective Coating
Published: 08/06/2023
Jotun's Conseal TU is a remarkable solution in protective coatings, offering superior protection for a wide range of surfaces. With its unique single-pack formulation and excellent...
Discover the Exceptional Fire Protection Capabilities of SteelMaster 60SB
Published: 08/06/2023
In the critical realm of fire protection, the right solution can mean the difference between safeguarded structures and potential disasters. One product that stands out for its rob...
The Power of Jotun SteelMaster 120SB: The Advantage of Solvent-Based Fire Protection
Published: 08/06/2023
In the world of fire protection, certain products stand out for their innovative design, high performance, and superior protection capabilities. One such product is Jotun's SteelMa...
Harnessing the Benefits of Jotun SteelMaster 600WF: A Leading Solution in Fire Protection
Published: 08/06/2023
Fire protection remains a key concern in today's construction and manufacturing sectors, primarily when steel structures are involved. To this end, Jotun's SteelMaster 600WF, an in...
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