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Envirograf Under floor fire barrier and acoustic barrier

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SKU: UF60/400

Envirograf's Under Floor Fire Barrier is ideal for ceilings that are hard to access, delicately decorated or made from lath and plaster, fireproofing by installing an underfloor fire barrier from above.

Made from graphite-impregnated cloth with 200g foiled cloth, this fire barrier offers fire protection for up to an hour, slowing down the spread of fire through a building for extra evacuation time. Containing a fire allows more time for emergency services to arrive and extinguish the fire before more damage is caused to a building


For additional sound protection, 40mm-thick soundproofing sponge can also be ordered.


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Product Description

Envirograf Under floor fire barrier UF60 (60 minutes) is made from graphite impregnated cloth covered with a reinforced Craft paper. Giving 60 minutes fire & insulation fire protection.

UF104 is made the same but has a wire mesh inside the unit as added support, approximately 5mm thick. Standard lengths are 1800mm long. Standard width 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm. Other lengths & widths made to order.

The under floor fire barrier is layed on top of the ceiling. Allow for a 50mm up each side of joist ie gap between joists 400mm, so 500mm under floor is required. 12 long fixing washers are supplied for fixing every 300mm apart per barrier & overlap by 50mm.

For acoustic requirement to U value and meet Document E ( H in Scotland) a 40mm thick sponge is supplied for the width between the joists.

Product Performance

The UF104 under-floor barrier was installed in a ceiling/floor without any plasterboard or lath-and-plaster (just the barrier itself) and tested to BS476 Part 21 (1987), achieving 104 minutes integrity, insulation, and load-bearing. UF60 tested to BS476 Part 21, achieved 62 minutes.



1. Lift three floorboards by the wall and three more 2100mm into the room

2. The fire barrier is 1800mm long and its width should be the width between the joists plus 100mm. Each of the long sides should be bent up by 50mm with the grey cloth side up against the joists.

3. Slide the barrier under the floorboards and, where it reaches the wall, bend up the barrier by 50mm.

4. Small metal fixing plates with pre-drilled holes are supplied for fixing the barrier to the joists and the walls. Use one fixing plate at the wall end of the barrier and fasten the barrier to the wall using 30mm galvanised large-head clout nails. Then nail a fixing plate into the joists at intervals of 200mm along each upturned side of the barrier.

5. Re-fix the floorboards you previously lifted beside the wall.

6. Lift three more floorboards, 2100mm away from those already up.

7. Repeat as in step 2 but overlap each new piece onto the previous piece by 50mm and continue like this over the whole floor area.

8. If you have to cut the barrier, self-adhesive-backed Kraft tape is provided to re-seal the cut ends.

9. The barrier can be laid on top of cables. If you need to push a cable or pipe through the barrier then this can be done by making a hole with a screwdriver. Small holes for cables or pipes have no detrimental effect on the barrier as the intumescent material will seal off the holes in a fire. If necessary you can seal puncture holes with AM Mastic.

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