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FSI Stop Seal Batt

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Product Description

Stopseal® Batt is a coated stone wool board used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible & rigid wall and rigid floor constructions where apertures are penetrated by single or multiple services. 

The Stopseal Batt is tested with a variety of services including multi composite pipes, metallic pipes, plastic pipes, all with or without insulation, cable trays and cables, as well as smoke extract and fire resistant ducts. The PipeBloc® and Pyropro HPE® range of reactive products has been tested for use with the Stopseal® Batt.

Stopseal® 50mm or 60mm Batts are supplied coated in both single and double side versions.

Product Performance

EN 1366-3            

EN 1366-4            

EN 1366-8

EN 13501-1          

EN 13501-2          

EN 13501-3

EN 10140              


BS476 20&22

EN 717-1              

ASTM D2369-10

LEED 2009-EQ041 SCAQMD, ISO 51:2008

1121-CPR-JA5021, ETA 14/0005


Certifier CF513

BREEAM International Approved

UAE Certificate of Compliance

ce mark ameded18


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