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Protecta FR Batt/Board

£20.58 Ex VAT
£ 24.70 Inc VAT
SKU: A008

The Protecta FR Board  consists of a high-density rock wool board which is coated with fire retardant paint on one or two sides, depending on where the fire sealing is to be carried out.

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Product Description

The rock wool is to keep the temperature increase down, whereas the fire retardant paint is designed to prevent fire and hot gases from leaking through the mineral wool board. Currently, this is the most common fire sealing method as it is a quick way of sealing big and/or complicated fire seals when the fitter has some experience with the system. Measurements have shown that you often only spend half the time compared to the traditional mortar system and that it may even be used in wet areas as well as outdoors.

The fire board has been tested on all types of through-penetrations in all types of constructions and may also be combined with Protecta Cable Transit, Collar and Pipe Wrap. It is also ideal for closing over all types of ceilings against concrete floors and has been approved for upgrading of all types of floors.

Product Performance



Classified for all types of constructions with or without building service penetrations
Simple and very quick to install
Easy to retrofit additional building services after installation
Permanently flexible - will accommodate movements during fire and smaller movements in the construction it has been fitted within
Suitable for most surfaces, including concrete, bricks, masonry, steel, wood, gypsum, glass, plastic and most non-porous surfaces
May be used in unlimited lengths in walls with heights up to 1200mm and in floors with widths up to 120 mm.
May be installed in gypsum walls without framing around the opening
Halogen free with added fungicides
Once fully cured, the coated board resists water and frost
Protecta FR Board can be supplied with a smooth surface
The fire performance specification of the board has been derived when the seal has been let to cure for a month
Precautions are required to be taken to prevent a person stepping onto a blank horizontal penetration seal


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