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Protecta Fr Damper

£32.35 Ex VAT
£ 38.82 Inc VAT
SKU: P195


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Product Description

Protecta FR Damper are designed to fire seal ventilation ducts passing through fire rated walls and floors. The product consists of a damper that closes if a fire starts with use of a heat expanding graphite material, which are placed on steel fins inside the damper, and is secured with local surrounding stonewool on one or both sides of the damper 

The aperture surrounding the damper is fire sealed with Protecta FR Board in walls and Protecta EX Mortar in floors. You can either install the damper inside a fire seal or then attach the ducts, or you can install the damper during the installation of the ducts and fire seal the surrounding openings afterwards. The aperture where the ducts pass through can include one duct or multiple ducts. You can also penetrate other technical services in the same aperture, as cables, cable ladders and pipes. 

Product Performance



Maintenance free and no electrical connections necessary.
The same damper can be installed in both walls and floors.
It seals against penetration of fire and smoke both surrounding and inside the ventilation duct.
Closes in the area where the fire is located but not elsewhere so the ventilation system can be used to extract smoke from areas that are not on fire.
Keeps the temperature in the duct network lower than 120°C and will therefore protect fans and sensitive units in the system.
Insulation of ducts is not necessary.
Service life of more than 50 years; the damper will last the same life cycle as the ventilation system.
The dampers are designed to fit standard ducting equipment so that the ducting system installer can easily fit the dampers.
The dampers are attached to the inside of the ducts, giving the benefit of space saving.
An aperture can include several dampers and in addition technical services such as cables, cable trays and pipes.
The dampers are only 15 cm long and bends can be connected right behind the fire seal (can also be special ordered in other sizes). The damper can be attached to a vent on one side

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