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Nullifire FS709 HP Intumescent Sealant

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SKU: 500148

FS709 HP is a high expansion/pressure exerting, graphite intumescent sealant. FS709 expands when exposed to fire, reinstating the fire performance of compartment walls and floors which have been penetrated with services. FS709 can be used on flexible walls & rigid walls (100 mm or wider), rigid floors (150 mm or wider), and also with FB750 Intubatt Coated Batts.

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Product Description

FS709 is designed to close off gaps and penetrations in compartment walls and floors, to provide up to 4 hours fire resistance. This product has been formulated to close off combustible pipe penetrations in the event of a fire, negating the need for pipe closers or wrap systems. FS709 has been tested with the following service penetrations:

- combustible pipes up to 125 mm (ABS, PE, PP, HDPE, PVC, PEX...)

- insulated non-combustible pipes up to 160 mm ; pipe insulation types: nytrile rubber, glass fibre, rock fibre up to 60 mm insulation wall thickness

- individual or groups of cables, perforated & non-perforated cable trays, cable ladders, cable baskets (up to 500 mm), cable bundles (up to 100 mm)

For use in dry internal conditions only. For other conditions, such as high humidity, contact Technical Services.

Product Performance

Tested for use in linear gaps up to 25 mm

Tested in openings up to 600 x 600 mm

Tested with combustible pipes up to 125 mm, insulated non-combustible pipes up to 160 mm, cables, cable trays/ladders/baskets (up to 500 mm), cable bundles (up to 100 mm)

Can be used with FB750 Intubatt Coated Batt

Versatile & easy to apply

Up to 4 hours fire resistance - Tested to EN 1366-3 and
EN 1366-4

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