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Nullifire FJ240 Spanatherm Cavity Barrier

£56.48 Ex VAT
£ 67.78 Inc VAT
SKU: 366475

FJ240 Spanatherm is a strong pre-engineered rock fibre movement-joint fire seal, vertical fibre orientation, that allows significant movement accommodation at the same time as providing fire integrity, insulation and an effective smoke seal.

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Product Description

FJ240 is a dense rock mineral fibre board Class A1 core with a BC0 aluminium foil applied to two faces. This provides a vapour barrier and a smoke seal when correctly sealed.

FJ240 is a cost effective and efficient product for compartment reinstatement at edge of slab, or vertically, to external façade of the structure. Suitable for both static or movement joint

Product Performance

Up to 2 hours integrity and 90 minutes insulation - Tested to BS 746 20-22Dry fit systemEasy to installVapour, smoke and acoustic sealCan be installed prior to the application of the cladding system

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