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Nullifire FR230 Intucompound Fire Mortar

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SKU: 500970

R230 Intucompound is a gypsum based mortar used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor & wall constructions where they have been breached with apertures for the penetration of single or multiple services. FR230 provides a safe working platform for loads up to 2.5 kN/m² when installed in full accordance to our recommendations.

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Product Description

FR230 is used to stop the spread of fire and smoke around services that pass through compartment walls and floors, whilst providing a load bearing capability (refer to application instructions). The system also provides thermal, acoustic and air sealing performance.

FR230 is suitable for the following service penetrations: single and bunched cables, cable trays/ladders/ baskets, non-combustible pipes. Also suitable for cable trunking, combustible pipes, insulated non-combustible pipes, in conjunction with a suitable Nullifire closer device (for example FP302 Intustrap or FP160 Intusleeve).

May also be used around dampers & ventilation ducts (consult manufacturer).

Typical areas of use include health and leisure facilities, schools, universities, hotels, commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

Product Performance

Up to 4 hours fire resistance - Tested to EN 1366-3 & 41.21 m² without framework requirementLoad and impact capability after 50 hours onlyFlows easily around and behind servicesRapid setting, zero shrinkage formulationCan be used as pourable or trowel gradeAcoustic and thermal performance

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