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Mulcol Multifoam 2K

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Multifoam 2K is a foaming two-component polyurethane foam with fire-retardant additives for the fire-resistant sealing of openings around cable trays, cable bundles, flammable and non-flammable pipes.

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Product Description

In the event of fire, the two-component foam prevents fire and smoke from spreading through fire-resistant walls and floors. Multifoam 2K was developed for quick installation and to seal hard-to-reach penetrations.

Multifoam 2K forms part of the Mulcol® Multifoam 2K System. Multifoam 2K can be combined with the Multifoam Wrap in order to realise fire-resistant seals of up to 120 minutes for cable trays, cable ladders, electric cables and cable bundles.

Fire resistance ≤ 120 minutesCE-certifiedInstallation from one side possibleQuick and easy applicationEfficient processing, no loss of productPermanently elastic and paintable once hardenedNo lining required in the case of plasterboard partitionsPost-hardening cable mutations possibleExcellent adhesion on virtually all surfaces

Product Performance

Tested in accordance with EN 1366-3Classification in accordance with EN 13501-2Certified in accordance with EAD 350454-00-1104ETA report 17/0977Declaration of Performance (DoP)

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