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Envirograf Intumescent Pipe Collar

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Product Description

Envirograf  intumescent collars for fire stopping plastic pipes through all your ceiling, walls and floor penetrations, our Passive Fire Products fire collar range offers sizes from 45mm to 650mm giving over 4 hours fire protection.



Please note that external pipe diameters may vary between different manufacturers and systems, and ambient temperature also affects dimensions. Please select the collar size most appropriate for your application, allowing a small clearance for ease of fitting. A close fitting between the collar and the pipe surface should be the aim, but the collar should not be unduly strained in order to close it around the pipe. A fireproof sponge filler strip can be provided upon request for special applications. Please enquire with details of your application for technical advice.

Envirograf Intumescent Pipe Collars screw to wall openings where pipes, wires and cables pass through a fireblock, its intumescent material expanding in fire to prevent the spread of smoke and fire for 1 to 4 hours, depending on the depth fitted. Use the hinged design to fit around existing services, reversing the collar to fit into floors and walls, if needed. Collars with extra acoustic protection are also available.

PVC/uPVC pipes melt in the heat of a fire, and this pipe collar will crush melting plastic pipes and cables, filling the void to stop smoke and fire spreading through a fire-rated wall or fireblock.

Metal pipes, such as copper and steel, heat up during fire and are kept cool by the expanded pipe collar, transferring heat away and preventing spread through the fire wall. Thin aluminium pipes would be crushed flat to maintain the integrity of a fire wall or ceiling.

Fixing Instructions:

Each WPCS pipe collar has the correct number of fixing brackets supplied with screws. But all fixing brackets must be used even if you drill a fixing hole in a different position round the collar. All fixing brackets must be fixed with screws to secure timber or metal fixings in hollow partitions or plaster board ceilings.

Fixings into brick, block or concrete with No.8 or 10 screws and raw plugs; this is how it has been tested. For plaster board hollow walls or ceilings use steel metal spring toggle. The collars can be reversed to fit into floors or walls. There is no need to mastic behind collars to wall, we never use on tests. All collars are slightly larger than the size of the pipe, firstly as pipes vary in size and if pipe is on a slight angle it will go into the collar. The intumescent, in a fire, would expand sealing the gap but should you need to close the gap any mastic would do.

Product Performance

Tested to BS476 Parts 20,21 & 22 / VNE European Standard EN1363-1 (2000)

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