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Envirograf Intumescent Trunking Pillow

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Product Description

Envirograf range of Compressible intumescent pillow with retaining cord and lug. Meeting the 17th Edition IEE Regulations. When cold smoke as well as fire protection is required in steel or PVC trunking passing through walls and floors.

The retaining cord and lug fit inside the trunking, so if the pillow is removed, the lid cannot be re-fitted without first replacing the pillow. The pillows will initially allow for 30% or less filling of cables and will then compress to allow for 50% cable fill, without overheating the cables.


– Provide up to 4 hours integrity

– For use when cold smoke as well as fire protection is required in steel or PVC trunking passing through walls, floors and ceilings

– Can be fitted with cord and 100mm retention tag to fix the pillows in place as a permanent solution

– Great for use around cables which are regularly adjusted

– Non-fibrous, dust-free materials are suitable for use in sterile areas or clean rooms

– Specifically designed to be used in trunking that is less than 50% full of cables


Intumescent Trunking Pillows are available in a range of sizes to suit standard sizes of trunking. Used

where trunking passes through fire rated floors and walls. The pillows are simply pushed into place in

the trunking where it passes through walls and floors. Supplied with a fitted cord and lug which can be

attached inside the trunking to ensure pillows will be refitted after removal for maintenance or access.

Product Performance

Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987), achieving up to 4 hours integrity. Also tested at VNE to European Standard EN1363-1 (2000). At 150 minutes the test was stopped, when still working.

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