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Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Covers

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£ 9.41 Inc VAT


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Product Description


The ever growing use of down lighters within the industry, the integrity of the plasterboard and suspended ceilings can be reduced to approximately 4 minutes. Passive Fire Products Envirograf® downlighter covers are used to restore the integrity required by British Standards.

The covers available in many standard sizes, or made to order. They are easily installed in about five minutes from below or above the ceiling, with cable entries on top, the intumescent covers are ventilated to avoid light fittings overheating. Cables can also be passed under the the rim of the cover for connections to transformers. Only the light fitting penetration is required to be protected, not the transformer.


– Maintains the fire rating of plasterboard or suspended ceilings rated up to 4 hours

– Available in standard and acoustic forms, preventing sound transfer from different floors of a building up to 63dB

– Can be made to accommodate downlighters alone, or downlighter/transformer combos

– Downlighter cages are a sturdier option, allowing for insulation to be laid over the top after they are fixed in place – ideal for lofts

– Can be used to improve the fire rating of ceiling-mounted speakers as well as downlighter

– The range also contains downlighter adaptors which can convert existing light fittings to fire resistant, low-energy units, saving up to 40W per light whilst providing 66 minutes of fire protection

– Easily installed in 5 minutes or less. Custom sizes made to order.


Lead the cable from the transformer through the pre-cut downlight aperture in the ceiling

Pierce the cable entry point in the top of the cover with a sharp object, creating an opening large enough to suit the cable size

Feed sufficient cable through the opening for the connection

Compress the cover and pass it through the aperture in the ceiling

Open out the cover once inside the ceiling, away from the light fitting

Using the two supplied pins, fasten opposite inner flanges of the cover to the plasterboard

Insert the light fitting and fasten the closing mechanism over the inner flaps of the downlighter cover to seal the opening

Downlighter covers require a minimum of 40mm horizontal clearance and 15mm vertical clearance

Cages are rigid and require no clearance, meaning that insulation can be packed around them as long as it does not cover the ventilation holes

NB: Downlighter cages cannot be compressed to fit through the light fitting aperture from below and must therefore be positioned from above


Product Performance

This product has been tested employing the general procedures of BS476 Parts 22, 23, and 23 (Clause 5) (1987), in various ceiling and floor constructions. Integrity results of up to 240 minutes have been achieved. Also tested to NEN 6069 (1997).

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