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£8.27 Ex VAT
£ 9.92 Inc VAT

Intumescent wood filler to fill gaps in wooden doors or surfaces

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Product Description

A water-based wood filler which is fireproof when cured. It is used to: (a) fill gaps in cracked or split door panels or wall panels; (b) fill
holes in wood; and (c) fill over fixing screws in wood to improve the appearance at the surface and to stop moisture ingress. The
wood filler is a light buff colour, but it can be coloured as required by mixing-in a water-based stain or emulsion paint. Apply with a
putty knife or spatula. It is sufficiently dry in 30 minutes to enable it to be rubbed down with a light abrasive paper before painting over
with Envirograf® Product 42 (HW01 or HW02) or Product 92 (ES/VFR or QVFR), or any other quality coating.

Product Performance

A water-based, general purpose wood filler. Can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. Suitable for filling gaps around joints and sight panels on doors

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