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Envirograf EP/FS/IN/WB Steel Intumescent Paint Coating

INTUMESCENT STEEL PAINT FOR STRUCTURAL STEEL AND CAST IRONWater based intumescent coating for the pr...

RRP £17.64
Envirograf Intumescent Fire and Smoke Stop Pillows

Envirograf true Intumescent fire and smoke stop pillows made from a hardwearing coated cloth pillow ...

RRP £4.08
Envirograf Intumescent Cable Tray Pillow

Passive Fire Products intumescent cable tray pillows offer up to 4 hours fire protection for cable t...

RRP £6.14
Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Covers

Envirograf INTUMESCENT DOWNLIGHTER COVERS AND CAGES The ever growing use of down lighters within th...

RRP £7.84
Acoustic Fire hoods for Large Light Fittings

The Passive Fire Product, Envirograf tents for light fittings and air conditioning units are very li...

RRP £53.60
Envirograf ES/VFR White Fire Protection Coating

Envirograf ES/VFR White Fire Protection Coating is a white coloured, water based fire retardant coat...

RRP £23.72
Envirograf HW01/F White Intumescent Coating

Envirograf HW01/F White Intumescent Coating provides BS Class 0 & Class 1 as well as 30 and 60 minut...

RRP £24.53
Envirograf Surface Mounted Fire/Smoke Seals

Envirograf Surface Mounted Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals are surface-mounted intumescent fire or fi...

RRP £26.64
Envirograf Flexible Fire Bag

Passive Fire Products flexible firebags offering you an easy to install solution for mail areas, for...

RRP £56.90
Flat Panelled Door Upgrading Kits

Envirograf offer various systems for upgrading flat panelled doors to fire doors. There are four ty...

RRP £52.68
Envirograf Intumescent Acrylic & Acoustic Mastic

Envirograf range of halon-free, intumescent acrylic and acoustic mastics are available in standard c...

RRP £3.11
Envirograf High-Temp Silicone Sealant

This product was used in a number of fire resistance tests employing the general procedures and crit...

RRP £16.30
Envirograf Intumescent Fire & Sound Gaskets

Envirogarf offer an extensive range of fire prevention intumescent gaskets that provide multiple sol...

RRP £2.90
Envirograf Intumescent Trunking Pillow

Envirograf range of Compressible intumescent pillow with retaining cord and lug. Meeting the 17th Ed...

RRP £5.11
Envirograf MG and MGL intumescent grilles

Envirograf intumescent fire prevention ventilation grille consisting of an inner and outer plate hav...

RRP £49.37
Envirograf Intumescent Block Grilles

Envirograf intumescent block grills offer over 4 hours fire protection and 90% airflow. Can be manuf...

RRP £53.70
Envirograf Intumescent Pipe Collar

Envirograf  intumescent collars for fire stopping plastic pipes through all your ceiling, walls and...

RRP £4.88
Envirograf Intumescent Coated batt

Envirograf high-density rock-fibre batt with intumescent coating on both sides that can be easily cu...

RRP £34.39
Envirograf Fireproof Sponge

Envirograf Fireproof sponge is impregnated and coated with an intumescent material. Very flexible, b...

RRP £83.78
Envirograf Intumescent Wraps

A strip of intumescent material clad in foil designed as wraps. Can be cut to size and wrapped aroun...

RRP £2.73
Envirograf Under floor fire barrier and acoustic barrier

Envirograf Under floor fire barrier UF60 (60 minutes) is made from graphite impregnated cloth covere...

RRP £22.41
Envirograf FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain

Envirograf FB70 is a 1.2mm thick x 1220mm reinforced glass cloth impregnated with yellow fire rated ...

RRP £26.32
Envirograf FB30 Fire barrier curtain

Envirograf 1mm thick reinforced glass cloth curtain impregnated with intumescent coating, designed t...

RRP £17.12
Envirograf ES/VFR Translucent Top Coat

Envirograf ES/VFR Translucent Top Coat is a spirit based wood stain to apply over Envirograf ES/VFR ...

RRP £33.43
Envirograf ES/VFR/P Primer

Envirograf ES/VFR/P Primer is a clear water based primer for use under ENVIROGRAF ES/VFR CLEAR FIRE ...

RRP £22.67
Envirograf HWAP/WB Primer Clear

Envirograf HWAP/WB Primer is a clear water based primer for use under Envirograf HW01 and HW02E Int...

RRP £23.32
Envirograf HW Excel Clear Top Coat

Envirograf HW Excel Clear Top Coat is a solvent based product to apply over Envirograf HW02E Clear I...

RRP £23.90
Fire hoods for Large Light Fittings

A cover made from fire resistant material which is fixed over fluorescent light fittings or air cond...

RRP £34.58
Air Conditioning Fire Covers

A cover made from fire resistant material which is fixed over air conditioning units. Fully ventilat...

RRP £63.77
Envirograf EP/CP Top Coat

Envirograf HW AEC top coat is a waterbed high Acrylic emulsion to be applied over EP/CP fire coating...

RRP £16.96
Envirograf HW02E Clear Intumescent Coating

Envirograf HW02E system offers a clear, intumescent coating, for upgrading new and certain already c...

RRP £29.05
Continuous Fire Wrap

Continuous Fire Wrap is a high pressure graphite manipulated expansion device designed to close off ...

RRP £93.83
Envirograf HW Superb Top Coat White

Envirograf HW Superb Top Coat is an innovative, water based, high sheen, coloured gloss, for use ove...

RRP £34.24
Envirograf Intumescent Fan Cover

Material Specification:Multigraf Intumescent material chemical constitutionMineral Wool Fibre 20-70%...

RRP £91.75
100x76mm Fire Rated Hinges

100x76mm fire rated Hinges c/w screwsBSEN1935 fire tested for both 30 & 60 minute doorsGrade 13Satin...

RRP £56.23
Envirograf Fire mortar

Used in conjunction with either intumescent slabs or also non-fibrous slabs, the mortar provides a p...

RRP £35.70
Envirograf ES/VFR Clear Fire Protection Coating

Envirograf ES/VFR Clear Fire Protection Coating is to be used as part of a complete system including...

RRP £23.72
Envirograf HW Excel Top Coat

Envirograf HW Excel Top Coat is a solvent based product to apply over Envirograf HW01 White Intumesc...

RRP £24.05
Envirograf EP/CP Plasterboard Coating

Envirograf EP/CP is a smooth, white fire protection coating, offering BS Class 0 & 1, EU standard ...

RRP £24.13
EP/CP/P Primer

Envirograf EP/CP Primer is a water-based, clear adhesion primer to apply over existing painted surfa...

RRP £22.42
Envirograf Gas Flue Inspection Hatch

The Envirograf Gas Flue Inspection Hatch is a fire-rated access panel with a a spring-loaded latch ...

RRP £20.52
Self-Closing Door Hinges

This set of three hinges acts as a complete door closer. Hinges can be individually adjusted, e.g. t...

RRP £0.69
Cable & Pipe Intumescent Discs

Intumescent DiscsIntumescent Discs are suitable for sealing around services passing through dry lini...

RRP £8.02
Fire Sleeves for Ducting Systems

Fire protection for ducting and ventilation systems that pass through the fire-rated block, brick, c...

RRP £8.16
Enviroburst Tubes

Enviroburst TubesThe EnviroBurst Automatic Fire Suppression System consists of a sealed thermoplasti...

RRP £18.07
Envirograf Fire Protection Gaskets for Metal Boxes

Lightweight and flexible, fire protection gaskets for metal boxes can accommodate wires and cables b...

RRP £0.49
Envirograf Fire & Acoustic Protection Gaskets for Metal Boxes

BESA or universal boxes must have intumescent gaskets fitted to stop fire penetrating. Furthermore, ...

RRP £1.64
Envirograf Gaskets (Electrical Putty Pads) for Dry Lining Boxes

BESA or universal boxes must have intumescent gaskets fitted to stop fire penetrating. Furthermore, ...

RRP £0.49
Envirograf Fire Cover Tents for Light Fittings

Fully ventilated to prevent units from overheating, providing effective fire as well as acoustic pro...

RRP £33.91
Envirograf Low Voltage Downlighter

Designed with ventilation to avoid light fittings overheating, thus providing effectual fire protect...

RRP £20.06
Envirograf Intumescent Fire Cages

According to fire statistics, overheated light fittings and electrical faults are a leading cause o...

RRP £12.88
Envirograf HW ULTRA WHITE Top Coat Intumescent Paint

Tested on a wide range of wooden doors, achieving 60 minutes integrity and either 30 or 60-minute fi...

RRP £16.86
Envirograf HWAP/WB Primer White

Application & CoverageEnvirograf HWAP/WB Primer can be applied by brush or roller. Coverage is 10-12...

RRP £23.32
Envirograf HW ENVIRO CLEAR Top Coat

Because our timber coatings must be applied in a specific way in order to achieve the specified fire...

RRP £23.90
Envirograf Water-based intumescent adhesive

A water resistant and fire retardant intumescent adhesive. Designed with intumescent, thus providing...

RRP £7.84
Envirograf Intumescent Letter Box Unit Range

An intumescent fire and smoke protection letter flap system. Consists of a frame with smoke protecti...

RRP £17.25
Envirograf Intumescent putty

Ideal for use around copper pipes and cables, and around steel electrical trunking. Used for filling...

RRP £5.77
Envirograf Intumescent cement filler

A ready-mixed intumescent cement. On curing, the filler sets hard like normal cement but does not cr...

RRP £8.56

A water-based wood filler which is fireproof when cured. It is used to: (a) fill gaps in cracked or ...

RRP £8.27
Envirograf 3-2-1 Standard Fire Retardant Spray

3-2-1 Standard is a clear, odourless fire retardant spray for upholstery. Ideal for preventing rapid...

RRP £17.51
Envirograf Plastic Surface mounted intumescent fire & fire/smoke seals

A plastic holder for surface mounting with intumescent on face and corner blade for the stop, giving...

RRP £26.64
Envirograf Surface mounted, brush smoke seals

Surface-mounted brush seals with self-adhesive backing tape, available in brown, black, white, or gr...

RRP £0.64
Envirograf EP/FS/P Water-Based Primer for Steel

A red water-based primer for use on internal/external steelwork....

RRP £13.03
Envirograf EP/FS/TCW Top Coat

EP/FS/TCW is supplied ready for use and does not need thinning. Apply 1 coat at 10 – 12m2 per litr...

RRP £19.82

Coverage is approximately 10 - 12 square metres per litre.All surfaces to be painted should be clean...

RRP £31.27
Envirograf Fire Door Upgrade Kits

Water based clear or white intumescent coating kit for upgrading raised-and-fielded doors to fire do...

RRP £72.80
Envirograf HW SUPERB CLEAR Top Coat

A tough long lasting extra hard wearing solvent based top coat that offers a superb robust and easy ...

RRP £32.90
Envirograf HW Acrylic White Top Coat

HW Acrylic can be applied by brush, roller or spray. May be thinned with up to 5% clean water For ex...

RRP £16.96

A foiled intumescent sleeve to go over plastic, UPVC, steel & copper pipes, plastic ventilation trun...

RRP £6.41
Envirograf Fireproof coating for slabs

A white intumescent coating for application to rock fibre slabs and non-fibrous slabs. Upgrades thei...

RRP £20.06
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